Werewolf emergency workers that go to places that humans won’t go.

Scott McCall answering every call for an ambulance, let him go, let him go and help because a gun can’t kill him, a knife won’t hinder him. Send him to your protests gone wrong, gang fights, riots, projects and slums. He will not let a person die when he could have saved them, he will not let a person die because you were afraid.

Derek Hale going into the worst abandoned buildings, buildings on fire, buildings in the middle of a flash flood. Send him to your disaster areas, he is not afraid of nature. Send him to the neighborhoods full of those without means to evacuate in the face of a hurricane. He will walk through a category five if it means rescuing a single mother and her children from their apartment building. He will not leave those in squalor to suffer while those with affluence escape.

Vernon Milton Boyd, the police officer who cannot be threatened away. The police officer who does not fear racists, does no fear violence, does not bow in the face of prejudice because who will you send to the worst side of town in you fire him or he quits? Who will answer calls at three in the morning to places your most seasoned veterans won’t even patrol? Strong, reasonable, gentle Boyd is the best person to be a police officer. He is stern, but he is kind, he is fair, and even the most hardened of offenders give him grudging respect.

Erica Reyes, the ex-SWAT captain turned social worker. She got tired of breaking down doors with violence and started breaking them down with resolve instead. She will not let a home abuse those who are elderly, disabled, mentally ill. She will not leave a paranoid schizophrenic alone on the streets because you ignore them. She is not afraid, they cannot hurt her. A father who cannot accept that his child is gay and beats them had best stop fearing God and start fearing her, because Erica Reyes is righteous in her fury.

Isaac Lahey cannot be a police officer, he is too angry. Isaac Lahey cannot be a paramedic, he has been ruined by people, he does not have enough empathy. Isaac Lahey the most vicious of animal cops, breaking down the doors of people who starve their horses, who trap their cats in houses with no water, who force their dogs to fight for their lives like he has been forced to fight for his. He will foster every animal from puppies to baby pythons, painstakingly administering medicine and grooming them almost compulsively. He has been known to tear entire buildings down for the sake of rescuing animals from a particularly stubborn hoarder. A gun has never stopped him from rescuing even a turtle from a home that isn’t safe for it.

*~Werewolves in public service jobs~*

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This is really fucking powerful.

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barbara dunkelman + shirts

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Once again, Australian television is better

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I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.

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